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How to Choose The Right Orthodontist

By January 13, 2020November 17th, 2020No Comments
Orthodontic Practice Waiting Room

How To Choose The Right Orthodontist 

Finding and selecting the right orthodontist can be overwhelming at first. We understand you want only the best care and outstanding results at a price that won’t break the bank. That’s why we’ve created a list to guide you through the process of finding an orthodontist.

  • Locate a list of all possible orthodontists in your area 

This can simply be a list from friends, family, or even your current dentist. Google is also a great resource for locating orthodontists!

  • Research Your Options

It is crucial that you verify your orthodontist findings are American Board of Orthodontics certified. Visit for more resources regarding ABO certification. Also be sure to check patient reviews left on the orthodontist’s website and Google Reviews. 

  • Schedule a consult with 2-3 orthodontists

Be sure to actually meet with several orthodontists before finalizing your decision! Discuss recommended routes for treatment and also review all associated costs along with insurance coverage.